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About Sumton Network Services, Inc.

"It always really bothered me, when I was working for a large network consulting firm, that when a customer called, they always just got the next Engineer in line. It never mattered who had been there before, who knew the client, their systems, their equipment, or their people. Always starting new. I vowed never to do that; always make sure the engineer who knows the client and their systems would be the one to go back each time."
Dave Northrup, Founder

Sumton Network Services has been serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex since the late 1990's. We focus on, but are not limited to, the small to medium business market. Our clients range from an individual Dentist to a Church, a School and a Consortium of Doctors to a major Printing and Mailing Company, a Radio Station, a Brokerage Firm and everything in between.

We have grown exponentially primarily due to referrals from our customers.

Our goal is to become your IT Partner...someone you can feel comfortable calling for large or small computer or printer problems, emergencies, or just a bit of advice.

All our Technicians are Certified, respond quickly. pleasantly and respectfully. We would be honored to be your IT partner.